Meet Your Lead Planners
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Ashlee Nicholson

Owner | Creative Director | Lead Planner


-Quality time with my hubby, Brett

-Cuddles with our daughter, Faye

-Kisses from our rescue doggos, Rosie + Lexi

-Enneagram 3 with a heart for service

-Lives for creative + unique design

-Will ABSOLUTELY cry during your first dance


Addi Mendoza


-Game nights with my hubs, Aaron

-My two kitties, Katniss + Finnick

-Cocktails with friends, new or old

-Enneagram 7, so life of the party and all that jazz

-Your personal full-time hype girl

-Loves personal + unique touches


Emily Boren


-Trying new restaurants with my husband, Brock

-A good book

-Our dog, Daisy

-Enneagram 1 who takes pride in organization
-Loves family traditions + heirlooms incorporated into your day
-Obsessed with unique venues


Kendall Loft


-Date nights with my hubs, Matt at our favorite sushi restaurant

-Saturday football cookouts + touchdowns

-Family game nights

-Enneagram 8 who will advocate for your vision through and through

-Meticulous attention to your details

-Jesus, coffee + craft cocktails


Morgan Pfursich


-Walks + cuddles with my Golden Retriever, Gunner

-Reading my bible, studying scripture + theology

-Watching "Friends" every night

-Enneagram 2 who loves hosting + wants to be your best friend

-Father/daughter dance #1 fan

-Will jam during "Shut Up + Dance"


Gracie Yates


-Quality time + conversations with my hubby, Steven

-Handwritten notes given + received 

-Saturday Morning brunch (or any day of the week, who am I kidding!?)

-Enneagram 1 with an eye for detail

-Deeply passionate about the purpose behind your marriage covenant

-Will get teary-eyed fluffing your dress before you walk down the aisle 


Meet Your Assistant Planners

Jaimie Galm

Grace Boggs

Haley Edwards